Two Important Old Civilizations

Our development is consequence of old civilizations which contributed us techniques, advances and discoveries very interesting and important. Existed many old civilizations but once the most important were the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast Egyptian civilization and Mesopotamian civilization in regard to the geography, religions, governments, and accomplishments.

The civilization of ancient Mesopotamia lay in a valley between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and was referred to as the land between the rivers. The unpredictable land conditions, due to the weather effecting the silt deposited by the two rivers, allowed for large-scale irrigation and an abundance of food, which was the base of their commerce. Egyptian geography was similar in that the civilization lay beside the Nile River, which also provided silt and agriculture from yet more predictable flooding.

Mesopotamian religion focused on the gods as living realities who affected all aspects of life. They adopted the Code of Hammurabi, which supported strict justice and penalties. Offerings and monuments were dedicated to the gods including the temple, which was dedicated to the chief god or goddess of the city and often built on a ziggurat tower. Egyptians mainly worshipped the sun gods and land gods, but later came to acknowledge the judge of the dead, Osiris, which focused on morality.

Mesopotamian government was focused on the full power of kingship assisted by the army, the government bureaucracy, and the priests and priestesses, while the Egyptian government varied throughout history, as they went through stages of strong monarchical power, bureaucracy, and also weak political structures and rivalry for leadership by a pharaoh.

The accomplishments that had these civilizations were different. One interest of Mesopotamian people were developed by their use of a cuneiform system which enabled them to write history and literature and practice mathematics and astronomy. Egyptians were famous for their pyramids and the paintings and writings inside them suggested their culture of classes, entertainment, and skills.

In conclusion, these civilizations truly paved the way for today’s society although these had some differences in aspects like government, accomplishments, among others.


Egyptian's Governments

A particularly bleak period of Egyptian history is the conquest of Egypt by Persia. The Egyptians were dominated by Persian intruders and the united Greek city-states. The ruled effectively by Alexander the Great, after his death the throne of Egypt fell to Ptolemy I. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast of Alexander’s government and Ptolemy’s government.

Alexander the Great was one of the most successful military commanders in history, he was seem to Ptolemy I, that was a Macedonian general under Alexander the Great who became ruler of Egypt; he was with Alexander from his first campaigns, and played a principal part in the later campaigns in Afghanistan and India.

During Alexander’s period, he conquered most of the world known to the ancient Greeks, reason why Egyptian Empire growth. However, when Ptolemy I took the title of Egyptian King, after the Alexander’s death, the empire created by Alexander the Great began to break up.

While Alexander the Great is recognized as a strong military and because of constant military campaigns to conquer territory, Ptolemy I is remembered because of his imagination and efforts, due to that he began the construction of the Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria and erected the great Mouseion, among others.

Egyptian civilization is an clear example of the types of great governments. There is an enormous difference between the growth of Alexander’s government comparing whit Ptolemy’s government. Each king had different recognize for their job when they were governments.



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Influence Of Tv Models

With current mass media, specially the Tv, every people are exposed to many information and see lot of models. This situation is reflected on Tv advertising that has many influence on the development of gender identity. Principal cause of that is: nowadays some people use te publicity to promote their products like dress, cigarettes, beer among others.

Beautiful girls with slim bodies used to promote some objects, produced in girls that watching, some personality problems because she wants to seem to model but she can not for different reasons. Also boys are affected by Tv advertising, they see handsome models and they would like to be similar to a person in a advertising.
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In conclusion, the Tv advertising has many bad influence on gender identity due to that expose wonderful people and cause that others feel bad and nonconformist with their bodies.


Egyptian Influence

One important ancient civilization is Egyptian because it contributed nice things in areas as engineering, architecture and math. Egyptians were very creative and intelligent as a result they built the pyramids which inspired the modern architecture.

Pyramids made by slaves for honor the pharaohs after their death, due to that the monumental constructions were tombs in many cases. Each pyramid needed lot coordination and good administration, because of that these converted in example for other people that took them some techniques, ideas and resources in order to build sophisticated constructions later years. New architects used geometric volumes and figures, as trapeziums, in windows and doors, as Egyptians had do.

In conclusion, Egyptian Civilization was very important because it motivated to develop the new architecture as a consequence of the Egyptians’ ingenious.


The Egyptian civilization started around the year 3100 a.C. when the first dynasty of pharaohs was founded and extends at 332 a. C. when Egypt is conquered by Alejandro Magno, Macedonian's king.

We choose this civilization because egyptians developed important knowledge about mathematics and astronomy, which permitted them carry out works of engineering, architecture and to create a solar calendar of 365 days. Nowadays all that is apply to diferents areas and egyptian knowledges helped the social advance.